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How to Make Beef Jerky in Your Smoker

When you learn how to make beef jerky in your smoker you can bypass all the beef jerky recipes that call for liquid smoke. Smoker beef jerky is about as authentic as jerky gets.

Making jerky outdoors on a smoker is closer to the old pioneer method. That's when beef was cured and dried to preserve for eating on the long trails.

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By using this recipe not only do you get some great eating but also it's just doggone fun!

How to Make Beef Jerky in Your Smoker

Selecting Beef For Smoker Jerky

Selecting the beef you use for jerky is the same regardless of the recipe you use to originate the jerky.

You must elect a lean cut of beef and then trim any fat you see. Fat will not dry out and it will cause your jerky to go rancid quickly.

Most cuts from the round section of the beef animal do just fine. My personal selection is eye of round. It's a single muscle cut with no connective tissue and has very itsybitsy internal fat and any external fat is precisely trimmed.

You can buy round steak for easy slicing into strips but I regularly buy an eye of round roast and have my butcher slice it 1/2 inch thick. Then I trim the fat and cut the slices into strips.

For this recipe you will need two pounds of beef.

Smoked Beef Jerky Marinade

Caution: This smoked beef jerky recipe calls for a lot of black pepper. If you're not a black pepper fan you might want to cut back a bit for your first try.

1 cup soy sauce
4 tablespoons ground black pepper
1 tablespoon cider vinegar
1 dash hot pepper sauce
1 dash Worcestershire sauce


Combine the soy sauce, ground black pepper, cider vinegar, pepper sauce and Worcestershire sauce in a non-reactive bowl. Mix the ingredients well and add the beef strips.

Pour the strips and marinade in a resealable plastic bag. Place the bag in the refrigerator overnight. Turn the bag over once in a while when you think about it.

Smoking Beef Jerky

Fill the fire pan of your smoker with charcoal and light it. Wrap some wood chunks of your selection in heavy-duty foil and punch a few holes in the foil.

Remove your marinated beef strips from the refrigerator and dry them as well as you can with paper towels. The dryer the better!

When your charcoal is ready for smoking add the foil wrapped wood chunks to the coals.

Try to assert a 140-degree climatic characteristic in your smoker with the use of the vents. You only want the meat to smoke and not cook.

Lay the marinated meat strips out on the grill so that they do not overlap. Alternatively you can drape the strips over the rods of the grill grate. You can smoke a lot of jerky this way.

Kick back and relax as you smoke the jerky over low heat. Pop a top or two!

Your smoked beef jerky will be done when the edges appear dry with just a itsybitsy hint of moisture in the center of the slices, about 6 to 8 hours.

For a lighter smoke flavor you might reconsider removing the meat from the smoker after two hours and terminate drying in the oven.

This is one of my beloved beef jerky recipes. So now you have it. How to make beef jerky in your smoker!

How to Make Beef Jerky in Your Smoker

Cooking Guide With Bbq Smoker Barbecue

Gas, galvanic and coal smokers furnish heat but some believe wood is solely responsible for giving Bbq smoker barbecue an authentic woodsy smoked quality. Fruit tree woods like apple, plum, cherry and hardwoods like oak, hickory, alder, pecan, black walnut, mesquite, maple are plan to create hot smoke that enhances the taste of meat. There are barbeque enthusiasts who build primary fire pit grills to get that familiar homemade b-b-q flavor.

The advantage of gas and galvanic smokers is getting uniform heat while coal costs the least. Big Drum Smoker, Lang, Char-Broil, Pitts & Spitts, Brinkmann, Super Cajun and other brands of residential and market grade modern smokers come with extra charbroil grill racks, heat-proof stainless steel bases and covers, pro digital doing and diverse accessories to maximize the cooking of Bbq smoker barbecue.

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To smoke meat is to slow-cook it using indirect heat, originally, through the oxygen deprived burning of wood or coal in a terminated cylinder to furnish smoke and not fire. Hot smoke is directed to a larger terminated cylinder where it becomes a cloud surrounding and slow-cooking meat before getting vented out right away. Hence, tender juicy flavorful barbeque from pork to chicken, beef, turkey and fish.

Cooking Guide With Bbq Smoker Barbecue

Popular Bbq smoker barbecue includes Texas Style, Southern Comfort, Memphis Style, Pacific Rim, Chili Adobo and the mouthwatering genuine Southern Bbq flavor many population love. The barbeque smoking apparatus may be an offset barrel smoker, Uds (upright drum smoker), smoke box, vertical water smoker or other modern type like the multi-rack refrigerator style smoker.

Cooking Guide With Bbq Smoker Barbecue